We raise Highland cattle in the heart of east-central Alberta. Our small fold currently consists of about 90 animals, both purebred and a couple unregistered. 

Occasionally, we offer quality breeding stock. We also offer naturally raised beef in the fall of each year. Visit our Grassfed Beef page for details about the meat itself - and ordering information.

Have a look around - and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Visitors are always welcome!


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Grassfed Beef


We are currently sold out out of grassfed beef - please check back for availability.

If you are interested in a custom cut half or whole beef for fall 2018, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on the list.  

About Highlands

Originally bred in the Highlands and the western islands of Scotland, an area well-known for severe weather and rugged terrain, the Highland breed seems custom made for our Alberta climate. Although unpopular with most commercial beef breeders because of their relatively small size, horns and slow growth; Highland cattle thrive in less than ideal conditions. 

 Highlands tolerate cold weather and snow well with their signature double coat of hair. The downy inner layer provides warmth, while the outer is well oiled to help shed snow and rain. This thick haircoat reduces the amount of fat the animal has to lay down to keep warm. 

 Highlands do well on poorer pasture; being a browser they will eat what other cattle pass by. Their ability to convert poor feed efficiently is impressive. That being said, as with any animal - you get what you put into them. Clean water, supplementation, quality feed and proper veterinary care are important.

 They typically live long lives, and it is not uncommon for a cow to produce and care for a calf after her eighteeth birthday. They generally have few health problems and are excellent mothers. The Highland temperment is generally quiet, confident and docile; thus reducing the incident of stress-related disease. 

 All these factors combined, lend themselves to producing beef that is tender, lean and full flavoured in a natural manner.